Our shipping policy centers around bringing you the best prices at reasonable speed, here are the three things you need to know for our delivery service:

  1. Free shipping on all orders above $40 (USPS approx. 6-8 days)
  2. A $4.99 fee will be added for order below $40, this applies to all regions within the Continental US.


Return & Refunds:

Please note that all sales are final. We appreciate that it’s a gamble for you, but our business model is about getting you the lowest prices while keeping us afloat. We believe in fashion, but we don’t believe you need to pay $100 for a simple ring with minimum design. To do that, we cannot afford the return procedure. We recommend small shipment for your first order to see if our jewelry works for you.

Saying that, we know that shipping is prone to accidents, and we will process this on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if something goes wrong when you receive the jewelry. 

Refund is possible if your order never reaches you due to the carrier fault.